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Crafting for Charity - A Global Movement

Crafting for Charity - A Global Movement

Thousands of volunteers from around the world donate their time and considerable talents to knit, crochet and quilt handmade items, often blankets, for those in need.  On many levels this simple act of compassion weaves a common theme – that comfort heals. 

The history of blanket making has roots in every culture.  Early settlers took their rug making skills and began trade.  It wasn’t long before trade developed charity components; new materials created softer, lighter blankets which were often given as gifts to rich and poor.  The term “blanketeer” dates back to the 1800’s and political unrest.

Learn the story of “crafting for charity” and how it has become an international movement.  Hillary Roberts, President of Project Linus NJ, Inc., shares the work of her organization and discusses the roots of hundreds of similar projects involving volunteer crafters.

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