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All Things Volunteer Engagement and 2020

All Things Volunteer Engagement and 2020

In this Points of View, Rob Jackson and Erin Spink sit down (well, Rob stood up!) to chat on video about all things volunteer engagement and 2020. In what was an exceptional year for the whole world, volunteer engagement professionals faced new challenges and opportunities of a scale and at a speed that few had ever encountered before. The two authors seek answers to such questions as:

  • What were the most unexpected outcomes of 2020 for leaders of volunteers?
  • What are some of the silver linings that have come from last year?
  • How could leaders of volunteers reacted differently?
  • What's an important lesson to take from 2020?
  • Where are we still falling short?

As 2021 gets underway, this Points of View recording provides a great chance to grab a cuppa and listen (and watch) as Rob and Erin discuss important themes and issues that will challenge and inspire you for the year ahead.

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