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Corina Sadler, CVA


Corina has been a volunteer since the age of thirteen. In high school she began service at a municipal senior recreation center and was mentored by two inspiring women in government. Their involvement was central to Corina’s future success and to this day serves as her inspiration to motivate more people to volunteer or become mentors. She is currently Volunteer Resources Manager for the City of Plano, Texas and has worked in local government for the last 19 years. She enjoys providing volunteer management guidance to nonprofits and municipalities to unite the community through volunteerism. In 2023, Corina received an Award of Merit from the National Association of Volunteers Programs in Local Government. In 2022, Corina was appointed by Texas Governor Abbott to serve on the OneStar National Service Commission. Ms. Sadler holds numerous certificates in the fields of volunteer and nonprofit management along with a B.S. in applied gerontology and nonprofit management from the University of North Texas and has been a CVA since 2012.

Corina has served with Engage since 2020 after being a member for many years. Her projects include marketing, partnerships, promotions along with serving on the social media team. 



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