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Steven Howlett

Steven Howlett is Programme Convenor for the Voluntary Action Management MSC at Roehampton University. The programme is pre- and post-experience and run full-time and part-time. Full-time people tend to be those looking to work in the sector, and the course combines theory and practice by finding placements for students within voluntary organisations. The course recognises that voluntary organisations are different from public and private organisations, but that future leaders in the sector need access to education that acknowledges this difference and looks at how voluntary organisations are managed. The course can be found at:

Before joining Roehampton University, Howlett worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Volunteering Research, where he was involved with a variety of projects connected will all aspects of volunteering. He recently participated in a study that audited central government support for volunteering, a project that examined age discrimination in volunteer involving organisations and a European study that assessed how volunteering can address issues of social exclusion. He was previously Research Fellow at the Centre for Institutional Studies at the University of East London where he worked on a project to evaluate urban regeneration programmes in East London. He also researched the changing roles of voluntary organisations in local service delivery and its implications for stakeholder groups and for local governance. He has also worked in local government as an Economic Development Officer at Durham County Council where he was involved in developing and implementing projects to regenerate the East Durham coal field area.

His email address is: