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Laurence Bolotin

Laurence's headshot

Laurence Bolotin believes that volunteers make this world work. From a young boy until now, Bolotin has served his community as a volunteer in a variety of ways, ranging from one-off opportunities to serving as the 2016 National President of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce and to leading an organization made up of 50,000 active volunteers and millions of alumni. Professionally, he has taken the lessons he  learned as a volunteer and has put them to good use in a variety of higher education and association management roles.

Currently, Bolotin serves as the Assistant Vice President of Constituent Engagement & Executive Director of the Loyola University Chicago Alumni Association. He is responsible for leading the volunteer engagement efforts of more than 150,000 alumni while working with volunteer leaders who serve on boards and committees throughout the university. He believes in the value of relationship-building as a way to help volunteers find their passion and guides them to identify areas to serve. Bolotin believes that listening is critical to any volunteer management role and looks forward to continuing to identify ways to serve his committee.  He currently serves as a volunteer leader in a number of different capacities in organizations focused on leadership development and creating a more inclusive society.   

Bolotin lives with his wife and daughter in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He can be reached at

Biography updated March 30, 2023.