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Marianne Bird

Since her time working as a summer camp counselor in college, Marianne Bird has been immersed in the world of program development and young people.

She completed her Bachelor of Science degree (1982) in Human Development and her Masters of Science (1999) in Community Development at the University of California, Davis. Before arriving at Cooperative Extension in 1998, Bird spent 13 years working for Camp Fire Boys and Girls where she oversaw clubs, designed programs, and managed a large volunteer network. Her passion for youth-adult partnership grew from serving on Camp Fire's National Youth Empowerment Task Force. She has extensive experience working for and with after school programs, especially in the realm of science literacy. Bird's research interests involve measuring program outcomes, and she oversaw the statewide 4-H camp evaluation project. She serves as Chair of the California 4-H Camping Advisory Committee. She spends much of her time administrating the 4-H program in the county, and bringing research and training to community collaborative projects and other youth-serving organizations.

Bird's favorite activities still involve being with and working alongside young people. She specializes in program development, science literacy and work with after-school programs, youth-adult partnership, camping and environmental education, volunteer, and nonprofit management.