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Volunteers and Sexual Health Projects

Volunteers and Sexual Health Projects

Despite being an important part of our physical and mental health, as well as playing an integral part in our emotional wellbeing and social relationships, sexual health can sometimes still be a difficult subject to define and talk about. Different cultures, sub-cultural groups, and individuals hold varying beliefs, values, and attitudes about sexual health.

More than just an absence of disease or dysfunction, the varied components for having good sexual health include having a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships free of coercion, discrimination, or violence. And while the World Health Organisation has been working in the field of sexual health for well over 40 years, non-profit organisations and volunteers have largely pioneered advances in sexual health care, at times paving the way for new services and approaches that healthcare systems have been slow to adopt.

In this Along the Web, Arnie Wickens looks into some of the projects and programs around the world that incorporate volunteers to try to inform and educate others concerning sexual health, often challenging sexual health misconceptions in their efforts to improve the lives of others.

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