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Raising Volunteers: Involving Children and Their Families

Raising Volunteers: Involving Children and Their Families

Are you helping to develop the next generation of volunteers? Today’s youth are tomorrow’s adult volunteers—if they grow up with the empathy and mindset to contribute their time and talents to their communities. Unfortunately, some studies have shown that contemporary youth are actually less likely to volunteer, even though community engagement appears to be more important to them than it was to their parents a quarter-century ago.

This Along the Web column examines the importance of involving children and teens in the volunteer experience and explores ways to introduce children and teens to volunteering. Because reaching children also means reaching their parents, this column identifies frequently suggested approaches to family-oriented volunteering for different age groups. By examining what appeals to parents, organizations may be able to find new ways to reach families, involve youth, and help encourage the volunteers of tomorrow.

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Thu, 05/23/2019
This is such a fantastic article. Thank you Faye. I recently completed our first governance framework and 3 year operational plan. I finally feel that I am able to think strategically about how we engage volunteers... and it is not just about delivering a service. You are absolutely right - we have to consider the current political and societal climate we live in and plan for the future. This is a brilliant idea to ensure that we are playing a key role in introducing children to volunteering. And if we don't create these opportunities then we are only shooting ourselves in the foot and risking a significant reduction in future volunteers. Thank you for such a great insight. I have already emailed my Director to tell him I want us to create opportunities for families.