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Humor is the Best Medicine. . . and Training Tool

Humor is the Best Medicine. . . and Training Tool

Humor is personal, but so is learning. And humor can be a welcomed training tool when it comes to training.

In this Training Designs, Erin R. Spink interviews Tane Danger from the Theater of Public Policy (known as T2P2), an innovative group that seeks to enhance learning through improvisational comedy. T2P2 has a track record of using humor and improv to break down complex issues for learners – and create what T2P2 calls “learning disguised as entertainment.” Through this interview, Spink reveals how volunteer managers can use humor in training, too.

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Thu, 11/29/2018
Great article, as always Spink! I love adding a little humor into any/all of my trainings, so thanks for the thoughtful read. Teaching folks about safety in waterways (part of my day job) can be super dry and create a "you should listen to me" scenario. Instead, I now play this awesome video:

Mon, 12/03/2018
Thanks Jason! That video is smart and funny, just like you. Thanks for the share!